Welcome to "Akrokeramo"

Based on the long experience and know-how of its creators, technical and artistic projects such as renovations of neoclassical buildings were implemented (brackets, antefixes, bollards, impostes, capitals, statues, wallpapers, etc.), with replicas and original architectural elements.

The value in detail, the great variety of designs, the excellent raw materials, the aim at the quality and durability of the products and the consistency are the more competitive advantages of «Akrokeramo».

Featured Products

Flowerpot “Stathatos”
Dimensions: 46X55
Code: 3.001

Antefix “Corner Giant”
Dimensions: 35X20
Code: 12-7

Flowerpot “Ζiller with hands”
Dimensions: 47X70
Code: 3.04790

Impost “Corinthian Α”
Dimensions: 57X33X47
Code: 20.1101

Patina “Umber”

Stand for console with
smooth bracket